Women's Running Publication Showcases

Posted on 11 April 2016 by Admin    |   Comments (11)

Another Stunning Plus-Size Model On Cover. Over the past year, we've seen plus-size models make some incredible achievements in the style and beauty industries. Last year, when Women's Running Magazine put plus-size design Erica Schenk on the cover, they made headlines for the inspiring message the cover story sent, and now they've done it again.

The April 2016 concern features Nadia Aboulhosn on the cover, an empowering plus-size model who's truly into fitness. Aboulhosn runs 3 to four times a week and does bodyweight training and exercises at home whenever she gets the chance.

While the fashion blogger is thought about a plus-size design, she has revealed that she does not prefer to use that expression to explain herself "because she thinks it creates a binary where one type of body is thought about 'normal' or 'basic' and any individual who is bigger than that is considered not regular.".

Usually on fitness publication's, we see extremely thin women with rock difficult abs and barely any body fat, however just because Aboulhosn is plus-size, does not indicate she's not healthy and in shape.

"It's because society sees fit individuals as being smaller sized," she explained.

She was not originally supposed to be on the cover, but once they saw how incredible her character was, they knew she was the right option. "We initially picked Nadia for our function on fitness/fashion influencers, but we loved her energy so much, we knew we needed to put her front and center on our cover," said Women's Running Editor-in-Chief Jessica Sebor.

"Thank you to Women's running Mag for selecting me," Aboulhosn composed on Instagram. I for sure thought last minute something was going to take place and I wouldn't be on the cover simply solely off the fact that things have actually turned incorrect for me so much of my life when I'm nearly about to have something, I get dissatisfied or let down. I'm never ever pleased and feel like I might always be doing more however seeing my cover made me soothe down and enjoy this minute that's such a milestone for me and my profession.

Last August, when Schenk enhanced the cover, the New York-based model was delighted to be making this type of distinction in the fitness market. It makes me pleased to see individuals responding

positively to a curved and happy woman who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. The cover shows any individual can run ... Don't be scared to be curved and do what you love.

"There's a stereotype that all runners are skinny, and that's not the case," Sebor stated of Schenk's cover. I believe that every women goes to the publication rack and in some cases feels like she can't see herself in the cover images. We wanted our readers to feel like they might see themselves in our cover.".