American Beauty

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A sample lyric: Every woman has a struggle, and every struggle`s real/ But simply attempt and write a song that catches every woman`s deal., at the Andrew Kreps gallery, best facial studio city, the Los Angeles-based artist Andrea Bowers homes in on one genuine battle trans women s battle for equal rights and fires up a high-stakes conversation on race, class, and gender.

It`s not just Bowers politics that are extreme though they`re definitely far left of progressive. It`s radical stylish, created by Tom Wolfe as an insult, charged as a representative for change.

The women`s postures are based on historic demonstration posters, of which Bowers has a comprehensive archive. What reads at first glimpse like a clutch bag in Saavedra`s hand is actually a brick, derived from a poster celebrating the Paris uprisings of 1968. McDonald`s Grecian-style dress and angel wings are raised from an 1891 tribute to the Paris Commune by Walter Crane, a British illustrator of children s books and a Wobbly.

It`s a rallying cry that the trans community has actually upgraded, post-Caitlyn Jenner: Visibility isn`t enough. No, but in the image-conscious modern art world it`s a good place to begin.